Intimacy Coordination & Industry Guidelines

Carey Dodd Associates, along with Intimacy Coordinator Ita O’Brien, have been fronting a campaign to change the way scenes involving intimacy, on stage or screen, are approached.

Our research showed an overwhelming need for an industry standard to be adopted for any work of this nature.

Working alongside industry organisations and professionals, we promote an approach to the work that supports not only the director’s vision, but also the practical necessities of any film or stage production.

We support an artistically creative yet safe environment for actors and directors to work.

We advocate a set of guidelines that not only promotes creative freedom, but also aligns with current Health and Safety legislation, to protect the performers as well as the producers.

Along with our legal team at Clintons and our press and publicity team at Borkowski, we have been working with Producers, Directors, Actors, Educators, Stunt Coordinators, Mental Health and Wellbeing Professionals as well as Risk Management Specialists, to help develop guidelines that we hope will be adopted as industry standard, as well as helping to create and promote the role of a dedicated Intimacy Coordinator.