With long and diverse backgrounds in the entertainment business, Samantha, Chris and the Team are well placed to offer consultancy services to producers and casting directors.

For productions that involve FX and specialist skills, we can help source and audition performers who not only have the relevant experience and skill set required, but are also the best and most appropriate actors for each individual role.  

We understand the difficulties faced through the casting process for any production and will help source the best talent for your requirements, whilst also helping to match your vision to your budget.  We can help you plan from the green light and support you until the shoot is wrapped if required.  This can include pinpointing FX production requirements, advising the production team on what to expect, liaising with FX costume makers etc., and help to minimize costly delays.

We have worked in pre-production for both TV and film and are also happy to offer our expertise to companies putting together pitches, pilots and teaser trailers.

To discuss your requirements please call or email us: